Common Questions about the Sale of the NGA-to-AGRSS® Certification

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1.  I am an NGA-certified technician. Will I still be certified?
Yes. All NGA-certified technicians will remain certified. On January 1, 2012, the name of that certification program will change and after that time you will be considered an AGRSS-certified technician, although AGRSS hasn’t yet finalized the exact name of the program.

2.  Can I still be certified through NGA?
No. NGA will be using the AGRSS technician certification program as its official certification program.

3.  I have already paid my certification fee to NGA, will there be addition fees from AGRSS?
No. AGRSS will honor the certifications of all those technicians who are certified until their certification would have expired under NGA. Those technicians will now get renewal notices from AGRSS.

4.  Can I still use my NGA patches and other items?
Yes. Those items will gradually be phased out and replaced by new ones from AGRSS, but they can still be used until such time as we provide new ones. NGA members who desire will receive new stickers that note the AGRSS Certification is also the official certification program of the National Glass Association.

5.  All our techs are certified but we are not part of the AGRSS Registered Company program. Do we have to be an AGRSS Registered Company to have our techs certified?
No. AGRSS will be offering technician certification to technicians working for all auto glass companies, whether an AGRSS Registered Company or not.

6. Our company is an NGA-certified company. Do we have to be an AGRSS Registered Company to have company-wide certification?
This is an area in which we do anticipate change. AGRSS does not anticipate keeping a “certified company” program that does not include being an AGRSS Registered Company. Our board is in the process of working out the details now. It is our hope that every NGA-certified company that is not already AGRSS –Registered will become so.

7. Our company is an AGRSS-Registered Company and we have NGA-certified techs. How will this affect us?
You are going to get the best of both worlds. Though not finalized, our board is working on a mechanism that will allow all techs that work for AGRSS Registered Companies to be certified easily and at little or no cost. Watch for more information in the next few weeks.

8.  If I have questions, whom do I contact?
You can email questions to

9.  Who is leading this change-over effort?
In addition to the AGRSS board and staff, the co-chairs of the AGRSS Education Committee and their committee members are working on this transition. The AGRSS Education Committee is co-chaired by Dale Malcolm of Dow and Jeff Olive of Glasspro. These men have long histories with both organizations and have been integral part of both the NGA certification program and the AGRSS educational efforts.

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